Friday, 16 August 2013

What size are your feet?

Further to the post yesterday, it has been reported that C&RT has a team of surveyors inspecting 400 locks on the network.  This important work is not chekcing for structural problems or inoperable lock gear. 

No, they are measuring the distance between the lock ladders and the lock walls.
Photo by Mike Fitzgibbons

What action they will take if they find these measurements do not meet with their requirements I am at a loss to understand.

I have it on good authority that on future licence renewals applicants will be asked to give the shoe sizes of each of the crew and those with feet too big or too small to use the ladders will be barred from all locks.

And on a secret visit to the C&RT foot gauging station I was abe to view some the equipment  to be deployed.

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