Saturday, 17 August 2013

I've never Been Asked That Before

So I approached the barman at White Horse in Middlewich and said:
OK if I photograph your urinals, gov?

And so I did

When we were in Burnley visiting the Weavers' Triangle Museum I noticed that they had a toilet made in Burnley by Ducketts and, odd that I am, it rang a bell with me.

As I left the museum I recalled where I had seen the name Middlewich......on the night of the Olympic closing ceremony

I'll get you a picture, I promised.

And here I am sharing it with you
We spent the evening in The White Horse watching the show on their big TV whilst the other five customers ate their take-away from the Indian restaurant.
Now that's what I call sensible:  If you don't do food, let the customers bring theirs in whilst they drink your beer.

Shame the Kings Lock doesn't do that.

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