Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Devil is in the Detail

On Sunday we attended  a Ruby Wedding Anniversary lunch at Sweeney Hall Hotel near Oswestry. There were about 30 in the party and the hotel is beautifully set in parkland. All commented on the food and service which were both well executed.
We returned to sleep at the hotel at around 10pm and our initial impression of the room we had (the cheapest in the hotel) was disappointing.  The TV was located on the wall by the bathroom door so that entering or leaving that room involved swinging the screen to an unviewable position. After preparing for bed we discovered that there was no hot water - ie: no water of any kind from the hot tap!
We were offered another room but on following our request for the water to be checked there before we dressed again, it was discovered that it also lacked hot water. So at 11pm we were shuffling across a rainy courtyard to sleep in the self-catering cottage.  This boasted two bedroom , a sitting room, kitchen and dining room. None of the TVs worked. Items  not mentioned in the glossy brochure were the dirty towels hanging on the back of the bedroom door and the mouldy coffee in the cafetiere.
Despite asking the night before what time we wanted breakfast it was not ready when we arrived at the agreed time: the fruit salad only arrived after we had eaten the cooked course. The solitary lad who was trying to cope with all tasks failed to appear for about 15 minutes while he was cooking my bacon and one guest returned to his room.  Even the cereal table lacked any receptacle for the discarded packaging.
The manager, who I believe lives on site, responded readily to our problem by promising  a full refund. However, it was obvious to me that he was a big picure manager interested in weddings and dinners but not concerned with the details which will be the death of his business if he neglects them much longer.

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