Friday, 28 October 2011

Survived the Invasion!
For the past four weeks we have been chaperoning tow American couples around Normandy beaches and bits of Bath and London before subjecting them to the Grand Union canal  aboard Gecko.
Promise more postings soon - when we arrive in Aylesbury basin for our winter mooring.
Thanks for not deserting me.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Busman's Holiday -1
Last Monday we took a day off for a trip on the paddle steamer Waverley. This is the only sea-going paddle steamer in the world and it divides its time between the Thames estuary, the Severn estuary and the Scottish islands.

We were not the only passengers waiting to board at Whitstable

The ship commenced its trip round the coast at Ramsgate and its last port of call was Soouthend on the northern shore.  
At over 1.25miles, Southend pier is the longest pleasure pier in the world. It has sufferred three fires in the last 20 years and several breaches. The last of these was repaired only three days ago after a maintenance vessel loosed its moorings and struck the pier.

The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge which carries the clockwise traffic of the M25 over the river looks more elegant from the deck of a ship than from the front seat of a car.

The highlight, of course was passing through Tower Bridge -


And in the rush hour!

Even better than the swing bridge at Aldermaston

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Trap set with some smelly French cheese and three hours later the deed was done. Far from an instant death - really quite sad.  Have reset the trap in case there are others in the clan.
Uninvited Guest
Yesterday morning during our ablutions we both heard a scratching noise which seemed to come from above us. It did not last long. we were out all day, getting some jobs done at the house in Bath and only returned to Gecko at midnight. this morning the noise occurred again but now moved form bathroom to kitchen.  Still no visual clue to its origin. However, when we started preparing breakfast we discovered the Weetabix packet had been chewed. so we have a mouse somewhere.  It has managed to get into the roof between the steel shell and the wooden lining.  I hope he has not eaten too much of the insulation or taken a fancy to the wiring.
She who must be obeyed has now gone to Daventry in search of a mouse trap.
More news as it  unfolds.