Sunday, 18 August 2013

Food in Middlewich

After a week kicking my heels in Middlewich whilst she who must be obeyed was with the grandchildren  and having run two loads of washing through the machine I felt it prudent to top up the water tank today.  Not being an accomplished single-hander, I sought  assistance with the locks from Terry on Dragon Lady who is at Kings Lock waiting for a new engine. As I sought a new mooring on the Middlewich Arm I was accosted by a gentleman in his back garden. 
I know he is a gentleman because he has a narrowboat (see photo) and he reads my blog.  He commented about my experience at the Kings Lock pub.  This made me realise that perhaps my comments on Middlewich might be a little unbalanced: something I hope to rectify now.
Almost opposite the afore-mentioned pub is the Kings Lock Chippie which is in a different league.  The fish is freshly cooked and tasty; service is quick and efficient and the staff smile - three characteristics not found across the road.

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