Friday, 21 June 2013

Antedeluvium Banff

Yesterday we took a look at the Bow River from the safety of the cliffs before the floods came. Note the tree floating down the river.  In the foreground the rock formations are called Hoodoos and are the  result of erosion over millions of years.  This is the same process which has created Bryce Canyon in USA.

Another Lock Collapses

I read on that lock 20 of the Wolverhampton 21 has collapsed closing the flight which links the Staffs & Worcs canal to the BCN.  The problem appears to be similar to the recent collapse of lock 12 on the Aylesbury Arm. 
I wonder what CaRT will blame this one on! 
I am sure they will not  acknowledge any lack of maintenance as a contributory factor.

Stuck in Banff

When we left UK three weeks ago I expected to post some news from time to time.
Since then we have been in such remote areas of the SW USA that this was not possible.
We are now in Banff and should be starting our drive over the Rockies to Vancouver  this morning but we are in the middle of a flood.  Calgary is isolated.  The last flood was in 2005 and rivers are currently running more than 3 time the rate experienced then!
For a live feed of the TV coverage click here