Thursday, 22 August 2013

SUCS to C&RT !

Just for the benefit of my readers I took the bus back to Hurleston locks and walked down to the junction to photograph the recent repair work carried out there.

August 2013
In fulfilling their statutory duty to maintain the waterways for public use C&RT have improved a section of the path and the bank which will be appreciated by all the pedestrians and cyclists.

They  have not improved this stretch of waterway for the boaters, however, as there is no provision to utilise the 48hr mooring permission.

In Nantwich, where we are tonight, we usually encounter problems finding mooring rings in the right position for us but the Shropshire Union Canal Society  - SUCS - has added more rings. There is now no more than 15ft between any rings which suits boats of every length.
Why is it that a group of enthusiasts can see the needs of boaters but the statutory body cannot?
And which one takes £35m a year from boaters?


  1. 48hr moorings with nowhere for your rope, the sign off things to come. I've just bought a new 16mm drill bit for my hammer drill so I'll be all right :-)

  2. I thought of tying Gecko to the trees.
    And that 48 hr post looks quite sturdy......

  3. Typical!
    Have you sent this picture to the Chief Exec? We should all be sending pictures of this sort of thing straight to him.
    Kath (nb Herbie)


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