Thursday, 18 October 2012

(Don't) Miss Marple

Marple is the end of the road as far as the Macclesfield canal is concerned and we have to turn left, descending the sixteen locks, for Manchester.  However we have decided to give ourselves a break and are turning right tomorrow on the Peak Forest Canal out to Bugsworth Basin. Legend has it that Agatha Christie was delayed on a train at Marple station and settled on the name of her lady detective there.

As we passed through Macclesfield we saw Rainbow Lorikeet moored ont he bank.
The scenery along this canal is typical Peak District: steep valleys and lots of hills.  The canal is lock-free for most of its length which is a remarkable achievement in this terrain.  It is achieved by skirting the hills and employing embankments.

Some of the canal architecture is also remarkable.  Most of the numerous bridges are stone built and are interspersed by the abutments of derelict swing bridges

Every time the tow path changes side it is transferred by an elegant turnover bridge.

Twelve miles in six hours but still 39 extra locks to do.

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