Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Canal Boats to Leave Aylesbury

It is almost a decade since BW sold the canal basin site in Aylesbury to the local council - AVDC.  Aylesbury Canal Society who lease the basin and have been responsible over many decades for the survival of the six-mile arm are being moved out.  There has been so much procrastination on the part of AVDC I had serious dooubts of their intention.  It looked at one time as thought the ACS lease would expire before the deal was settled.
I am happy, therefore, to be proved wrong.
All the papers are signed and the money to build a new marina on Circus Field, a mile out of town, is with the solicitors.

At a previous EGM the canal society displayed this plan and illustrations of the marina.

It will defintely be much better equipped and laid out than the current facilities butcannot overcome the fact that it is a mile from the town and will in due course be surrounded by housing.

The basin in the town is being redeveloped with the theatre already open and Waitrose and Travelodge arriving soon.
Present mooring arrangements are far from ideal
Undoubtedly these will attract visitors to the canal, many of whom hardly know it is there at present.  But why, oh why, are the boats being moved out?  Canals were made for boats and that is what visitors expect to see.

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