Thursday, 25 October 2012

Back on Track

Today we left Manchester and joined the Bridgewater Canal and after an hour were back on our original route. The diversion from Middlewich has been quite a trek but we have enjoyed it, even the last few days which we had some qualms about beforehand.

As we left Castlefield we took one last look at the Hilton hotel and the annexe for posh ducks.

There is a phenomenon well-known to canal boaters and was propounded as The Law of  Passing Boats viz:  two boats travelling in opposite directions on the same canal will only meet when there is too little space to pass.

We met our first boat at Waters Meeting where they  joined our arm and we joined theirs

We met our second boat at Barton Swing Aqueduct........

As you can see from this picture, we were first ones across.

No trip through  Worsley, the home of the Bridgewater Canal, would be complete without this illustration.

And from the sublime to the  other thing......

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