Sunday, 7 October 2012

A Great Opportunity for Tesco

Tesco  has just reported a fall in profits for the first time in about 20 years.  Much of the problem has been their ventures overseas.  They recently withdrew from Japan and I  prdict they will have to retreat from USA in the not too distant future. In the UK they are losing market share to Sainsbury amongst others. At this point I ask you to read my post of August 25.
During the olympics supermarkets in England were given a temporary extension to the Sunday shopping hours.

I took these pictures at 6pm on a Sunday during this period of extended shopping hours.

The store is a large Tesco  which was open 24hours/day.

I think they demonstrate that there is no demand for longer hours on Sunday.

This is your opportunity, Tesco - close your supermarkets on Sundays and reduce your UK overheads.

Take the lead and when the others follow we can get our Sundays back.


  1. Tesco did not report a loss; they reported their first fall in profits in almost 20 years. They still made £1.7 billion in six months.

    1. Thank you Adam for putting me back on the right track. I have spent the weekend studying the salt and mining industries of Cheshire with Watford and District Industrial History Society and typing the post before breakfast this morning I failed to check what I had written.


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