Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Keep to the Footpath !

We decided to stay in Foulridge for another night and took the bus to Barnoldswick - Barlick  to locals.
Before that we walked up to the Lower Foulridge Reservoir which feeds the L&L canal summit.  I set off wrapped up with scarf, hat and jacket.  By the time we reached the reservoir I was carrying them all: it was absolutely glorious and the scenery was consequently all the more beautiful.

The overflow sluice on the left was not running but there was a steady but unimpressive flow from the controlled sluice.

We took a differnt route back and found the souce of the waterfall in the tunnel yesterday.

This is one of the ventilation shafts for Foulridge Tunnel.

Remembering our country code we all kept to the footpath and used the stiles provided.

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