Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Hot Choc in Skipton

We are now on the summit of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal: it is bitterly cold and blowing a hooley.  There is still snowdrifts along the hegelines.
We have our grand daughter with us for a few days  and it is the first time she will have travelled on the boat: Not the best introduction to boating. We are planning only to go through the Foulridge tunnel and moor on the wharf at the eastern end.
As every canalboater knows, tunnels drip water even in the midst of a drought and we caught our fair share including three quite substantial episodes under the air vents.  Passage of the tunnel takes about 15 minutes and the one-way traffic is controlled by traffic lights at each portal.  On emerging in Foulridge the sun was shining and the wind had dropped: Are we in Yorkshire already?
keen not to squander this sample of summer, we made a quick sandwich and took the bus over to Skipton. where the sun was still shining but the wind had not abated. First call was for a hot chocolate in the little coffee bar near the bus station.  
I do not know the name but it is easy to identify - just look in the window for a 1950s decor.This colour  was called shocking pink in its day and, interlaced with lime green, it is not exactly restful.


There is an upper room with a jukebox and the range of drink flavours is extensive.  This is just the hot chocolate list: they also make milk shakes and smoothies.

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