Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Escape from Aylesbury

Twenty-two boats are escaping from Aylesbury Canal Basin: about twelve today and the remainder tomorrow.  Canal & Rivers Trust arranged for boats to be lifted out by crane and transported to Willowbridge  on the Grand Union near Milton Keynes. This escape has become necessary because one of the sixteen locks on the Aylesbury Arm has collapsed. The lock wall on the towpath side of Buckland lock, number twelve, subsided on Thursday 28th March. (see blog report)
leaving many boats stranded, unable to get out from the arm: this was all the more serious as it occurred at the  beginning of the boating season.
Photo by Annie Brown
There was a delay of an hour so when  one of the three lorries had a blow-out but here we see Xilion Rose successfully escaping from her winter moorings in Aylesbury basin.

Photo by Annie Brown

And under way at last: but not under her own steam - yet.

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