Friday, 26 April 2013

Eating Chinese in Burnley

Burnley has more than its fair share of Indian food outlets probably because of the ethnic make up of the population.  In keeping with most of the UK, most of these are unimaginative and unappetizing making the search for a good establishment a lengthy task.
Finding a decent Chinese restaurant is also difficult  but for quite another reason: it is difficult to find any Chinese restaurants in Burnley. During our winter mooring we found an eat as much as you can buffet. One visit was sufficient for a lifetime.
Tucked away near the Bridge Inn and the multi-storey car park  The Red Lantern is buried underground. Carole will greet you as you enter and there is a bar area if you wish to wait for your table.  Carole's husband is from Hong Kong and he does the cooking which explains why the menu is predominently Cantonese.  In true Hong Kong style, all proceedings are supervised by the matriach seated at the front door.  The food is good, if limited in range: and the service is attentive.  Decor is very attractive with just the right amount of light to read the menu without destroying the ambience. Seating is arranged so that you can chat without being overheard. On Sundays there is a table buffet option:  dishes from a resticted menu are cooked to your order but no limit is placed on how many you can eat for the fixed price: this works well for groups and parties.
If you can venture a little out of town to Padiham and desire a more interesting menu and a high standard of cooking then The Summer Palace is where you should head.  They do not have a wedbsite but details can be found on Trip Advisor.

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