Monday, 4 June 2012

Narrowboats at Thames Pageant

On Sunday we joined about one million other flag-waving Brits doing what we do best - standing in the rain without complaint.  We went to the Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant of 1000+ boats.  We stood from 11am until 3pm before the procession started and then another two hours for the boats to pass us. Our friend Dave the Rave had found us a spot between Chelsea and Vauxhall Bridges which gave us the opportunity to see the boats approaching us head-on before following the bend towards Westminster.  The weather was pretty dismal until the narrowboats arrived and then the rain really started.  However we did manage to catch a glimpse of the three boats which we know and take these pictures which are not improved by the rain.
Everyone knows President - the steam powered working boat
Fulbourne we first met on a BCNS Marathon Challenge in the 1990s and it now winters in Aylesbury

Andrew and Wendy on Lord Toulouse we know from their involvement with Cutweb

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