Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Back Home - Where?

Three rain-free days and the River Severn is no longer on Red so all the  boats which congregated in Stourport whilst the river was in flood had disappeared when we arrived at lunchtime today.
Winter Moorings 2006/7
June 2012

We have moored exactly where we spent our first two winters aboard Gecko.

 Moored opposite us is the PushMe-Pull You boat built by M &D Engineering here in Stourport. It is pointed at both ends rather in the style of the Duke of Bridgewater's first canal boats back in the 1760s.  The reason for this is that it does not have any propeller.  It is powered and manoeuvred solely by jet thrusters which can be directed electronically.  It must be one of the few canal boats which can move itself sideways.  Of course Gecko can do this too - whenever there is a side wind.

Stourport-on-Severn is where Gecko was built back in 2005 and so this is something of a homecoming.( But none of her friends is here - Sob, sob)

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