Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Fenny Stratford - Leighton Buzzard
As usual we spent a few days in Fenny Stratford. We always feel comfortable here. Unusually for us, however, we did not visit Bletchley Park this trip. When we passed this way two years ago we made two visits in three days. There really is a lot to see and the ticket is valid for 12 months. It is now open all year, apart from Xmas.
On our last passage through the stop lock Mrs. L slipped when stepping across the gates and ricked her back so afforded it a little more respect this time

This lock has a rise of about a foot and was a cheaper alternative to building an embankment from here to Cosgrove .

Fenny Stratford should be known for the invention of the so-called diesel engine. Henry Akroyd Stuart invented and produced the first working heavy oil engine here in 1890 - two years before Diesel designed his version. An early model was tested in the offices of the local newspaper and the first production model operated in the Great Brickhill Waterworks from 1892-1923.

Before we left the fuel boat came past so we filled up with Akroyd fuel.

Monday was a glorious sunny day although there was an overnight frost. At this time of the year cruising is so leisurely: we met only one boat in five hours.

In the last 80 years Leighton Buzzard lock has lost its impressive steps and its working boat traffic. -see comments about this bit of twoddle

We moored up just after the Tesco 2 hour shopping slot. Yes - we have them on the canals too!


  1. Regarding:
    "In the last 80 years Leighton Buzzard lock has lost its impressive steps and its working boat traffic".
    It may well have lost most of its working boat traffic, but I'm not at all sure it ever had any steps vaguely like those in your picture.
    The picture is clearly of Batchworth lock, near Rickmansworth, many miles to the South, and has nothing to do with Leighton Buzzard!

    1. Alan
      Thank you for your comment. It is reassuring to know that my literary efforts are being read by someone.
      I have no idea why I wrote this twoddle: you are quite right - this is obviously Batchworth Lock photographed from the road. This aspect is impossible at Leighton Buzzard.
      Pleasse keep reading....


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