Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Weekend Away
When we moved up from Coventry basin to Sutton Stop on Thursday there was an extraneous noise emanating from somewhere in the engine region. We called out RCR for the first time since subscribing to their emergency service over four years and they quickly identified a fault with the alternator which supplies power to the domestic battery bank. Friday to Monday night we were away on a study weekend in the Grimsby area with 24 others from WADIHS. On Tuesday at 8am the engineer removed the alternator to get it repaired or replaced. Our next task was to recharge the batteries using our on-board generator. This would not start: completely dead. This left us with low battery power and no way of recharging it and hence no way of cooking dinner for Ali and Elaine who were coming that evening.
In the event our generator man came and fixed that problem and our guests could not make it due to unforeseen circumstances.
So now we are almost back to normal, just waiting for the alternator to return.
Ali and Elaine are coming for dinner tonight and I shall put up some information about our study weekend in the next day or two.

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