Saturday, 9 October 2010

Tete-a-Tete with Granny Buttons
This posting is for Chris and Paul somewhere in France on nb Dream On.
The engineer brought our domestic alternator back on Friday evening with the comment "the regulator was not connected to anything. Where did you buy it?" Not being as au fait with Severn Valley Boat Centre as some of us he was surprised when I said it was fitted when the boat was built and had not been touched since then. Anyway it is now back in situ and all seems well. (!)
This morning we made our way down to Rugby, topping up with diesel at Rose Narrowboats. On our way we passed several groups of photographers waiting for a steam loco to pass by. We managed to be in the only place it could not be seen when it did pass. No pictures from me, then.
Approaching Newbold Tunnel - the short one with pretty lights and room for two way traffic- a second hire-boat came racing past us in a hurry to nowhere. We could see a boat coming through the tunnel towards us and were wondering why Jenson Button had overtaken us at this point. I think they may have asked themselves the same question a few minutes later when they managed to obstruct the tunnel portal preventing the oncoming boat from leaving.

This tunnel ain't big enough for the two of us!

Soon after mooring and re-mooring, the place we had vacated for a better one was taken by nb Granny Buttons. For those not acquainted with Granny Buttons a visit to the blog is worthwhile.
Those who follow that blog will know that the boat has been hi-jacked by antipodeans.
Even wihtout his boat he gets 50 times as many readers as me! :-(

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