Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A Tale of Woe
I hope you have the tissues ready....
Over the past five years we have had intermittent problems with water seeping in through on of the windows. Various measures have been tried but as we leaned recently, they have not been very successful. With winter approaching we decided to get professionals to look at the problem. So we are in Blue Haven marina near Hillmorton (Rugby). The first job was to remove the window frames from inside which exposed the fittings. These windows are are supplied with 18 little clamps to hold the window in position tightly against the bodyshell. The boatbuilder had seen fit to use only seven of these and none at all along the top edge of the window. So we found the cause of the leaks.

Whilst the repairs are taking place we have no window in the dining area. But undeterred, i work on to bring this blog to you.

With luck we will be away from here on Wednesday and move on to Braunston for a few days before heading down the Grand Union.

Meanwhile, She who must be obeyed has been in to Rugby to buy essential supplies and take a tour of Rugby School. Photos may follow!

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