Sunday, 4 July 2010

Where? and When?
Before setting off from Reedley yesterday I rang British Waterways Wigan office to check on the current restrictions for passage through the flight of locks there. The lady who took my call asked me which canal the Wigan locks were on! She had only to look out of her window see the locks in question so where does she think she works?
Of all the errors on signs that we come across the one that annoys me most is the use of a.m. or p.m. after the time 12 o'clock. We learned at junior school what the abreviations stood for and that by definition 12 o'clock can neither be a.m. nor p.m - it must be noon or midnight. In an uncharacteristic act of generosity I will overlook the 12pm-midnight on this sign but sureley even the most inattentive schoolchild would realise that 12pm-8pm does not make sense if the pub closes at midnight.

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