Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A Disturbed Night
About ten minutes ago I awoke to find myself alone in bed - she who must be obeyed was obeying the call of nature. Nothing unusual except - THUMP - she can't be making bread at this time of the night! To my call of is that you? a negative response was voiced. Having been woken by people on the roof trying to steal or throw things off on occasions in the past I was now wide awake and out of bed. I flung open the side hatch and yelled the pre-cursor to a tirade to turn the air blue - OI!
I was a little surprised when the response was not a pair of feet running down the towpath but a voice calling
Sorry mate, I fell in. "
"Well, if you fell in trying to steal my gear, enjoy the swim" I thought.
"What were you doing out at this time of night" is what I said.
"Walking the dog"
At which point I became aware of a dog on the bank seemingly unconcerned at the position of his master.
In earlier days one would have lit a candle and gone to assist the unfortunate nocturnal perambulater. Fortunately I took an electric torch as any naked flame would have caused an oral conflagration and went out in my PJs and Crocks. I am not sure what he had been drinking but it did not smell very appetising. The current water level appears to be about eight inches below normal which made it particularly difficult for the water wader to climb out and also prevented us from mooring up to the bank. So with guidance and light (sounds like a vicar) he was able to make his way to the stern, walking along between the boat and the bank ,where the emergency step is provided in the hull.
Back on shore he had to be guided along the broad and well surfaced path for fear of him returning to the cut. Had we not been awake for another reason we might not have appreciated the problem and been able to assist. If you had no scruples about making bad puns you could say that he was saved by the bowel.
To save embarrassment, no photos are being published.

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