Friday, 23 July 2010

Old Friends on the Macky
At Red Bull Junction yesterday morning we negotiated the unusual turning onto the Macclesfield Canal. We turn right, double back parallel to our previous route and then cross over the Trent & Mersey two locks back.
Within 30 minutes we saw nb Tantler who was on the BCN Explorer Cruise with us last year.(see Blog Aug 10 - 17, 2009) An hour or so later we passed Martin on nb Tegu (it's a kind of Gecko!) who we met at Bulbourne last May.
Tonight we moored by the swing bridge at Oak Grove, opposite the Fool's Nook pub. Behind us is nb Nutshell. Ken and Christine are not aboard but we will leave them a note. We first met Ken at the IWA AGM in 2005. He and Chirstine were divorced 30 years ago and since both remarried and widowed. They are now married to each other again!

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