Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Everyone's Doing the Macky
No it's not a new dance.
Since joining the Macclesfield Canal we have encountered six boats with which we are familiar. (see previous blog entry)
Four years ago when we went up to Doug's wedding we stopped one night at Wheelton Boat Club at the top of Johnson's Hillock. The club officer who made us welcome and found us space lives on nb K2. We passed them yesterday soon after seeing nb Ivy moored at Marple. Trevor and Marion were not in evidence but I expect we will catch up with them sometime soon. And on to Whaley Bridge for the night to moor in front of nb Blue Goose (newly stretched) who we thought never ventured beyond the southern GU. Their dog, by the way, is now fully recovered.
As Gecko has never been up here before I wonder if all these boats are trying to hide from us.

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