Saturday, 3 July 2010

Continuing our walk up Shipley Glen on Saturday last, we worked our way along the ridge until we heard the strains of There's Whiskey in the Jar wafting up from the valley.

Drawn as to the song of the sirens, we descended the hill and found ourselves in Baildon where there was a Gypsy Fair in progress.

The caravans on display were all fairly new but the workmanship was remarkable - outside and in.

On this occasion I was permitted to photograph the young ladies. (I don't try to understand the reasoning behind these decisions by she who must be obeyed). - see Curry & Chicks June 12 blog

From here we walked back to Saltaire along the canal to join a guided walk around the village conducted by the imitable Maria Glot (and no, she does not have a sister named Polly)
There are many stories about the Saltaire community - how the hierarchy of employees was reflected in the property they were allowed to occupy, for example. This is challenged in a book soon to be published - Saltaire - the making of a model town by Jackson, Lintobon & Staples. However there does seem to be support for the idea that the village was self policing as there are watch-towers at strategic positions.

This house with a watch-tower is in the dead centre of the village. I tend toward the belief that self policing was assisted by the judicious allocation of houses so that each employee was not too many doors from their supervisor.

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