Friday, 4 April 2014

Who'd Have Thought It?

Another day of 14 locks today but all down ,as we slide down the Chilterns towards the London basin.  The Grand Union from the Tring summit to London is fed by many rivers. Today we started with the Bulbourne washing in and out - sometimes quite ferociously and at Apsley this was joined by the Gade. Hence the area is called Two Waters.  In the next few days we will also be joined by the Chess and the Colne. The abundance of river feeds may have led to the local canal custom of leaving the lock gates open on leaving. If the last boat was heading the opposite way this can be quite helpful but if the preceding boats is headed the same way it does add to the work a little.

As we passed through Berkhamsted I was astonished that the landlord of The Crystal Palace feels it necessary to tell me that his establishment has canal views.  I don't think I could have worked that out from my viewpoint!!

A little way outside Berko this canalised cottage is for sale.

Shortly before the swing bridge at Winkwell we passed Jannock looking nice and shiny but facing the wrong way for her imminent trip to London with Graham and Brenda.

I expect we will see them there.

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