Monday, 14 April 2014

Marking Time

Since last Wednesday we have been marking time in Cowley, just below the lock and quite near the Malt Shovel Vintage Inn. We were uncertain of the availability of moorings so arrived early for the various jobs we had to do on Friday-Sunday.  The last of these jobs was to collect two of the grandchildren who are joining us for a week or so.
After a good run around in the park (the children, not me) we set off about 12.30 and tootled down to Bulls Bridge where we will sleep on Tesco's car park before our run into London on Tuesday.
Photo from old Waterways World

This junction of the Paddington Arm with the main line was once a bustling maintenance yard.
There is still a lot of traffic but it is now all on the roads.
Tonight we have one other boat moored near us and a hire boat the other side of the old dry dock tied up where it came to rest after crashing into everything in the area except us.

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