Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Surprise, surprise

Having spent the night on Tesco's car park we thought we would go for the full B&B and partook of their cooked breakfast. This is sold by item so you can have whatever combination takes your fancy. A young lad in the queue was contemplating black pudding when I told him I used to make it.  After acceding to his mother's request to tell him the ingredients, he selected another sausage.  I used to make them too: I chose black pudding, not sausage.
The Tesco B&B experience was quite popular with our two grandchildren who are with us this week: they were able to tell their parents they slept in Tesco's car park and Grandad scared a little boy in the restaurant.
The flora and fauna of the Paddington Arm is fairly mundane - parakeets, turtles and Coy carp etc. About half-way along the arm we met Janice and John on  The Oak returning from their week in London: We shared locks with them between Berko and Hemel last week.The run into Paddington took about four hours but we spent another hour looking for somewhere to moor.   There are boats everywhere: I have never seen it so crowded. Whilst she who must be obeyed scouted the towpath for likely looking spots I cruised very slowly down to Paddington Basin and back, finally breasting up to a broad-beam boat in Delamere Terrace.
This afternoon was spent kicking a football around in Hyde Park to expend some of the youngsters' energy. On our way there our daughter-in-law saw us from an office in Sheldon Square and eventually caught up with us near Speakers' Corner. She works in Oxford so her appearance was quite a surprise.

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