Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Back to Front

Our third night in Ricky. I had an appointment in London today and yesterday we were catching up on many chores including laundry. 
We arrived here on Sunday afternoon after a good run down from Hunton Bridge where we stayed Saturday night.  Weather was a bit dismal and damp but we caught up with a boat we had travelled with on Saturday and shared a  couple of locks with her. We have christened the young lady Marnie, a name some may recognise. Her boat is quite old and she is taking it to London to continuously cruise in her words: bridge-hop in mine.
On Saturday morning we were in Hemel Hempstead, or more accurately, Apsley. We moored by Sainsbury's which is not a spot we would have chosen to spend the night but it did afford easy access for a friend in a wheelchair to visit us.
Thirty minutes after we left Circus Field last Wednesday  a package arrived in the post for us and this was given to Fiona and David  who were following us a day or two later on their converted butty, Benbow.  As they were spending a couple of nights in Berko I caught the bus over there on Saturday morning and collected it from them whilst M was delivering birthday cards and buying provisions.
Photo by Gerald from Hampshire Rose

To continue the back to front theme of this post, here is a picture of us leaving Circus Field.
Yes, we started our cruise this year in reverse.

Photo by Gerald of Hampshire Rose

The mooring arrangements in Circus Field explains why we reversed out of the marina.

We will endeavour to continue our journey in froward gear.

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