Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Lights, Camera, Action
The canal is short of water and we are being exhorted by BW to share locks with another boat.
This is not as easy as you would think on the Leeds & Liverpool canal east of Bingley. We haven't seen another boat! It really is devoid of boats once you are beyond the range of the hireboats (All of which, incidentally, begin with S - Skipton, Silsden, Snaygill)
Our route from Shipley to Riddlesden involved the ascent of the Bingley staircases. Both are manned by BW lock-keepers and their skill and experience made the passage up the staircases on our own very comfortable. I is refreshing when one finds a BW employee who knows what he is doing.
When we moored up by Puffer Parts near Keighley, the little tug, Anna, came past with the camera crew from a German TV station who are making a programme about the Leeds - Liverpool canal link. They certainly had the weather for it today.

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