Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Back in Lancs
Excuses for absence of blog postings:
1) Out of mobile range for a few days
2) Grandparent duties
3) Supporting England in World Cup fiasco
4) Too much sunny weather (brain cells don't work properly)
Yesterday we took the grandchildren to Blackpool by train. The forecast was for glorious sunshine all day so we took the big umbrella. By the time we arrived the sun had gone and by 4pm it was raining quite hard. Good thing we studied the weather forecast before setting off.
Today we crossed the border without incident(see picture, above) and are now back in Lancashire.
The reservoir is looking very sad here and the locks are restricted to operation between 10-12 and 2-4pm. There is talk on the towpath of further restriction to three day working only. The long Wigan flight is currently only accessible between 10-11am daily. It is hard to believe that in November it rained up here non-stop and now the canal reservoirs are only 40% full.

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