Saturday, 12 June 2010

Curry and Chicks
Once a year Bradford holds a festival of Asian Culture - the Mela.
Today is the first day of the 2010 Mela which is taking place in Peel Park. The sun is shining music is pounding out from five stages around the park and the whole place is a riot of colour. many of the Asian ladies are dressed in their finery and are most attractive. She who must be obeyed bans me from photographing them so you will have to make do with a couple of fairies and a picture of the fairground.
At least I am not boring you with the statue of Sir Robert Peel. You will remember from our blogs from Tamworth that the Peel family transferred their manufacturing from the north to the midlands when they encountered labour problems. However they did leave this delightful park for the people of Bradford.
As the bus journey and en trace to the park were both free we splashed out on an al fresco dinner. Chicken Korma, Lamb Madras, Dal curry and rice for two - £5 including a delightful polystyrene tray and one plastic spoon. Followed by four gulabjam, what more could anyone want?

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