Monday, 14 June 2010

Arcade Games
As we had chickened out of travelling down to Leeds by canal we took the bus today. Not a bad run from Shipley with many glimpses of the canal on the way. On arrival we walked down to see the recently renovated Clarence Basin next to the Armoury Museum. The location in the city is excellent and there is electricity available at each mooring but the Elsan and refuse disposal is 300 yards through the lock and down the river.
After a brief look around the museum we wandered around the city for a while. there is some interesting architecture as one would expect in such an important city.

In particular we found the Corn Exchange most enjoyable. It is now converted inside to house a number of boutiques but is very sparsely populated at present.

There are also a number of quite elegant Victorian shopping arcades.

Less glamorous but equally interesting was this piece of street furniture. It appears to be a form of stench pipe but not similar in dimensions to anything I have seen before.

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