Sunday, 21 May 2017

We're Off !

After two years of neglect, Gecko is off again.
At 2.30pm on the dot we slipped our moorings and battled our way out of Scarisbrick Marina . The wind direction prevented us heading directly for the exit so we reversed to the point where we could spin round and dash for the exit bridge.

We are only going three miles to Burscough Bridge as I have to take a train to Southport and to Manchester tomorrow . It took us an  hour and forty minutes to cover this short stretch of the L&L canal as we had two swing bridges to operate. 

The first, at the Farmers' Arms was a busy road which is always fun to see the queue of cars building up as we make our sedate passage. It might have been easier had there not been a plastic boat moored on the bridge landing.

Guess why it's called The Slipway
The second is also by a pub. When we passed this way relocating Gecko from Anderton to Scarisbrick last May, the bridge mechanism failed and we had to wait for the engineer to come out and fix it.  No such problems today but the Slipway pub is now all boarded up.

We moored just before the long term moorings so that we can call at the water point and Elsan on Tuesday as we head off towards Wigan.

Just to be sure the station had not closed down in the past year or so, I walked down to the railway bridge.

A few years ago a lovely transport interchange was built here with a cafe and ticket office. 

And it's right behind the Bridge Inn. How convenient.

Well, there USED to be a cafe and ticket office, also a toilet and bike store.

At least the trains still call here 

4 miles / 0 locks

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