Thursday, 25 May 2017

3 Tunnels; 1 Stop Lock; 1 Salvage

On our way from Dunham Massey, where we spent last night, to Anderton  we did indeed negotiate three tunnels - Preston Brook (1239 yards), Saltersford (424), Barnton (572 )
-and the peculiar stop lock at Dunton which forms the border between the Bridgewater  and the Trent & Mersey Canals.

 I am not sure whether the maritime law of salvage applies to canals, certainly boarding a canal boat without permission is technically piracy .

As we approached bridge 204 on our way to Saltersford Tunnel we encountered two boats performing some kind of dance. We soon realised that the couple on a hire boat were trying to re-moor a boat which had lost its moorings.

Putting M ashore with a lump hammer to assist, I tried not to get  in the way.

Until it was my turn to assist by pushing the loose boat to the bank

Job done, the hirers proceeded to return their boat and I tried to unstick myself from the mud .

22 miles / 1 lock / 3 tunnels

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