Monday, 29 May 2017

Chocky Horror Show

Weather is not so good today so we will push on to Brewood (pronounced Brood) which means we can climb the Wolverhampton 21 locks tomorrow, a little earlier than our original schedule.
At Knighton we passed the old Cadbury's factory where they used to make chocolate crumb which was shipped by canal to the  Bournville factory for conversion into Dairy Milk and Creme Eggs.
Cadbury's Knighton Factory 1925
This now belongs to Knighton Foods which is part of Premier Foods. It is still making powder products including Smash, Marvel,  Paxo, Angel Delight, Bird's Custard, Bisto, and Oxo in addition to many food products for other non-Premier brands.

Milk Churn Tower 1937
Since Kraft took over Cadbury's ( a deal that Warren Buffet called dumb) they have changed the recipe of several products including Fruit & Nut and Creme Eggs.  The CEO - Irene Rosenfield - became notorious for her high-handed management style:
-she stated that Kraft would keep the Keynsham factory open six days before they announced its closure and transfer of production to Poland
-she refused to attend a parliamentary enquiry as "not a good use of my time"
-she oversaw the avoidance of £10m of corporation tax by the company.
I have made a very good likeness of her from two creme eggs and am sticking pins into it.

21.5 miles / 6 locks

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