Friday, 1 May 2015

Prison for Mary Queen of Scotts

From now to the closing date of 
The Landmark Trust Spring Raffle on May 25 I will give you a taste of the properties you could spend your £5000 holiday in.

Tixall Gatehouse
Sleeps  4  +  2

Built in 1580, the main function of Tixall Gatehouse was simply to impress, to show off the wealth and power of its owner. Six years after its construction, Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned here for two weeks.When it was acquired in 1968 by the Landmark Trust, it was definitely a building at risk. Following the demolition of Tixall Hall in 1927 it had stood abandoned. Its roof, floors and windows had gone, and there was a danger that the walls too would soon begin to fall

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