Friday, 8 May 2015

Humpty Dumpty - the true story

Recovery from the hip op has rather occupied my life for the past seven weeks. Not only is there the frustration of being unable to bend down or walk without assistance but more disruptive, I have found, is having to sleep on my back. This might not sound serious but after about 90 minutes I want to turn over and that is banned. My solution is to get up and take a short walk to the bathroom and back. Then I usually settle for another 90 minutes. Sometimes, however, things come into my head which I feel need attention. And so it is that a few nights ago I composed this nocturnal exposee

Humpty Dumpty – the true story

Humpty Dumpty was a numpty
Humpty Dumpty was a fool
What possessed the silly egg to climb upon that wall?

Did he listen to his mother when she sent him out to play?
Go to the park with Sam and Paul”
But don't go near the palace wall”

When he fell as all knew he must
And lay in pieces in the dust
They didn't send for men with glue or a nurse who knew just what to do

Soldiers appeared with bucket and spade
To scrape him up from where he laid
They took him for the king to see
Then made an omelette for his tea

The king had wanted for his lunch
A soft boiled egg in a cup
With toasted soldiers to dip and munch
And a mug of Ovaltine to sup
Thecaptain's wife afraid for her love
Had given our Humpty a little shove


  1. I look forward to your rapid and complete convalescence accompanied, as it fain will be, by your ability to sleep the night through without interruption. Or poetry.


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