Saturday, 2 May 2015


Exactly a week ago to the minute I was woken from a deep and peaceful slumber  in my room at Mercure Hotel in Bingley, West Yorks bu the fire alarm.  So deeply asleep was I that on waking I was completely disorientated.I thought I was at home and could not understand why Margaret had not stopped the alarm. Despite repeated explanations I could not get my head around what was happening. Finding crutches in an unfamiliar room and getting out to the car park was all done in a state of semi-consciousness. The cold night air woke me up as I stepped out in my summer pyjamas.
Fortunately the alarm was set off by someone lighting a candle in their room and not by anything more life-threatening. However, if life had been in danger I seriously wonder if  I would have coped: a corridor full of smoke, for instance, would only have added to my confusion I think.
Two fire appliances attended but were not exercised greatly.
One thing was very worrying: despite bring ingout some blankets for guests to keep warm, no effort was made  at a roll call.  
Whether a real fire or a practice surely this is mandatory?

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