Tuesday, 12 May 2015

(Nearly) All the Ws

The Landmark Trust has twelve properties listed with the initial W and we have been to ten of them
Here is the first batch of four
Click on the property names to link to more information

 Warden  Abbey      Sleeps  5

A perplexing building of very high quality.

This curious looking building is all that remains of a Cistercian Abbey founded in 1135. By the sixteenth century it formed part of a large house but now stands in a meadow near a farm.

The Wardrobe,  Salisbury Cathedral Close           Sleeps   4


Approached by a seventeenth-century staircase

Now high in the attics of the Berkshire and Wiltshire Regimental Museum, The Wardrobe would once have acted for the secular Salisbury Chapter as a store for bulky items and for receiving cloth in manorial dues.

The Warren  House               Sleeps 2

 An eyecatcher for Kimbolton Castle
 Once a dwelling for the warrener who managed the rabbits on the estate, The Warren House was later adapted for use as an eyecatcher for Vanbrugh’s magnificent Kimbolton Castle. The ground floor is a cosy bedroom and you will probably live mostly in the first floor chamber, making the most of the fine views of the castle hunkered in the valley below.

West Banqueting House,  Chipping Campden    Sleeps  2 + 2

With a large barrel vaulted chamber.
This extraordinary Jacobean building, with a large, barrel vaulted chamber on the ground floor, is embellished with strapwork parapets, basket finials and twisted chimneys, The remains of Old Campden House, destroyed in 1645 by fire stand nearby.

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