Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Timothy West at Braunston Boat Festival

The weather forecast for Saturday was  cloudy in the morning and storms after noon.
So we caught the first bus from Long Buckby Wharf into Daventry and changed there for a bus to Braunston. We had not put the Braunston Historic Boats gathering on our calendar as we expected to be in Stratford-upon-Avon by now.  Circumstances changed and we are now here and too close to miss it but too late to get a mooring in Braunston.
At 10.30 we arrived at the canal and so did the rain.  Reinforcements were called in to increase the precipitation to deluge  and then to super-deluge.  After this we returned to Gecko via the New Inn on the canal at Buckby. (where we enjoyed a nourishing lunch of faggots, mash and peas.

However we did see a few boats.

Derek  was there on the Stewarts & Lloyds tug Atlantic

As ws John on Pacific

Talking of tugs, I was quite taken with ths tunnel tug - Sharpness - from the Worcs & Birmingham Canal where it used to tow boats through Wast Hill tunnel

Of course, Raymond was there with his friends.

Before the Boat Festival commenced, timothy West was participating in a service at the church in Braunston to commemorate Armed Services Day.
Later he took the tiller of Vulcan.

As we made our soggy way home to Gecko, the steam boat Adamant accompanied us until we climbed the hill to Braunston village

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