Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Recycling Cornflakes

Recycling points on the canal system are sparse and unpredictable: if they accept glass they probably don't accept cardboard: if they do, then plastic or cans  are not accepted.When we were recently attempting to recycle some waste packaging and coming to the conclusion that I would have to take the bag of plastic bottles back to the boat for a future expedition I drifted back in time to my childhood.  I was thinking about what we did with  the, much less prolific, packaging  55 years ago.  In particular, I remembered the Kellogs Cornflakes boxes.

On the back there was always a mask to cut out....

Or  a model to make....

And  sometimes a free gift too...

The rest of the box, of course, was cut up to fit into our shoes to cover the hole  in the sole.

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