Wednesday, 23 July 2014

An Early Start

In order to avoid picking up rubbish disturbed by other boats we left Coventry basin at 6.45 this morning.  After about an hour nb Comet came up behind us and as they appeared in a hurry we let them pass.
The canal is still a mixture of derelict industrial buildings and housing brightened up with imaginative decoration.

Every bridge over the canal has a sculpture or mural. Disappointingly many exhibits have been defaced by the ubiquitous spray can.

The last bridge before Sutton's Stop, however, has escaped such graffiti.

I have never seen anyone sitting on this concrete sofa before so I had to snap this gentleman taking a rest.

After filling the water tank and emptying the toilet we made the S-turn into the North Oxford Canal on our way to Brinklow where M hopes to find a pub with a TV so she can watch the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony.

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