Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hilly Lisbon
Apparently Lisbon, Rome and Sheffield are all built on seven hills:  Not the same hills, you understand. During our recent visit (to Lisbon, not the other two) we were interested in the various modes of transport available for climbing the hills.

When you have had enough of climbing streets like this on foot........

......and your have had your fill of clanking around in trams..........

.......then why not try the Funicular........


 .......or the Elevator.

Lisbon is not a large city and all these options are available in close proximity to one another.

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  1. Hi.

    Sheffield, is built on seven hills and the backs of Miners and Steelworkers. There are more comparisons. We have a tram system, and many steep climbs. Also a Ski lift in place of the funicular or maybe the Tinsley flight on the canal would be a good comparison. We also have some of the Graffitti as well!!!

    Take care Mick n Mags - Poppy n Abbey.


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