Friday, 27 April 2012

Fenny Thing

When we came up from Leighton Buzzard we had planned to stop at Willowtree to visit some friends who live on their boat with three children.  When we arrived there the Wat level was so low we could not get into the bank to moor so continued to Fenny Stratford.  We have been trying over the past year or so to moor in places we have not stopped  before but Fenny Stratford is compulsory for us as we enjoy visiting Bletchley Park so much.  We spent most of Thursday looking round exhibits, some new to us, some to refresh ourselves.  The ticket for Bletchley Park  covers all visits for a year and this if the fifth time we have visited since may 2011.  We won't be back this way for 18 months.
Heading South at Fenny Stratford 2007
On our return we met Elizabeth from nb Helen Loouise who we last met in Banbury last June.  She and John are heading south to London and then back up the Thames to Oxford.  Just as we sat down to eat tea a little boat pulled in to moor and we recognised Robin and Carole who used to live aboard nb Inanda. When they moved ashore a couple of years ago they lasted almost a year before they were looking for another boat.  they found this 45' in a sad state and have gutted and refitted it over the past year and have started  cruising  again.  So the six of us spent a convivial evening in the local hostelry by the stop lock.


  1. We're planning on stopping at Fenny next month in order to go to Bletchley Park. Which side of the lock is it best to moor? And it looks as though it's either a fairly long walk or a very short train ride from the lock to the Park -- so which is best?

  2. Adam
    Therre is plenty of campshedding north of the lock - 48hr and 14 day. Walking to BP will take about 30mins. We took a bus from outside the cemetry to Bletchley bus station and walked from there. We returned on foot and that took 35 mins. Check website as some exhibits are not open every day. Best day, of course, is Saturday. But others know that too. Guided tours are now veery professional. Catering is unimaginative: yesterday's menu was sausages, sausage roll, pasty or chilli. Despite the signs we have bought a cup of tea and eaten packed lunch in cafe.


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