Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Buzzard or Linslade?

After being moved on by an officious enforcement officer who did not like us mooring on a vacant piece of the redundant Marsworth yard because "this is BW's" we drove down to Bath by car to carry out one or two chores.  This dog in a manger did not explain why a no fishing sign might also indicate a ban on mooring. I would swear that she clicked her heals as she turned to leave.
Today we were promised rain and cold: we got sunny intervals and a cold wind developing into unbroken sunshine by4pm.  Now that is the kind of weather forecasting I like. We shared the eleven broad locks and eight miles Andy and Sue on their hotel boat, Earlswood. Our six hour journey was the more pleasant in the company of experienced boaters. Apart from a pair of boats which preceded us to Leighton Buzzard, sorry, Leighton Linslade, we saw very little traffic. I am not really sure how to address this town.  I have always know it as Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire: Linslade was the other side of the river and in the county of Buckingham. All the signs around here seem to refer to this agglomeration Leighton Linslade.  Anyway this is where we are for the night.  Launderette in the morning as we missed it this evening and then on to Fenny Stratford tomorrow. With luck we will get to visit Bletchley Park for the fifth time in a year.

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