Wednesday, 18 April 2012

H & S Again

We are floating again and I have discovered the story behind the recent problem.
The sluice which maintains the water level in Aylesbury basin has to be inspected from time to time despite it not haveing been used within living memory.  During a recent inspection a Health & Saftey risk assessment was carried out.  This determined that the position of the spindle for raising and lowering the sluice paddle (which has not been used in living memory) is so close to the water's edge that anyon operating it could fall into the canal.
The solution was to fit a wheel to the side  of the walkway and connect it to the spindle via a gearbox thus enabling the operation of the spindle to be carried out a a safe distance crom the water. The next inspectioncould not be carried out because the wheel was too difficult to turn and so the two 'workers' on Monday were removing the modified gear which they promptly droped into the canal the recovery of which occupied them for the rest of the day.

The water level is now back to normal so we should be able to escape from the basin on Friday.  
Let's hope BW remember to fill the rest of the canal for us.

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