Sunday, 19 February 2012

Missing Boat

The follwoing needs no explanation so I reproduce it verbatim.
If you have any news of nb Unicorn or think you may have seen her please contact Alasdair directly.
  I wonder if I could ask you to help locate a boat?  Jeremy Scanlon's  "Unicorn" has disappeared -  the usual story, (which I have to say I warned against), of stage payments starting and then ceasing. It was believed to be off down to dry dock on the Avon (Harvington?), but nobody now knows.  If you or any of your contacts can help, I'd be grateful - and it would lift Jeremy's tendency to the depressive!  It's full length, a 'Barney' boat out of Braunston probably 25 - 30 years old, was blue could be any colour now.  The number is 68945.

Alasdair Lawrance

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