Monday, 20 February 2012

8th Reservoir Overflows!

When we left Aylesbury for a few days in Cyprus the overnight temperature had been down to -10C  


and the reservoirs were only one third full.

In Cyprus they know about water shortages.  Most years they have restrictions such as shutting off the water supply on alternate days and often have to import shiploads of water from Greece.

This year the winter rainfall has been more substantial and Germasogia Dam which was just up the road from our hotel was almost ful when we arrived and a constant topic of local conversation.

The day before we left it became the eighth dam on the island to overflow this year.
When we took this picture there were six ice-cream vans and a snack wagon to cater for the  crowds viewing this phenomenon before returning to the local Tabernas to celebrate.

Due to the restrictions at the airport  we could only bring back 100ml each but we have added it all to the canal.

We are in this together according to Mr. Cameron so I hope you are doing your bit too

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